After spending the early years of her career working in events, marketing, and advertising, Monica Boudreau founded posh media in July 2019. Posh Media, a full-service bilingual marketing firm with a team of passionate and experienced marketing professionals handpicked from across North America. Monica wanted to fill a void between independent freelancers and large agencies to give small business owners a more tailored and personal approach. According to Monica, posh media started with just herself, and in just over a year has grown into a team of 30+ top-tier industry collaborators. She says her focus is on making local brands thrive in their communities – 2020 has proved all the importance of supporting local businesses.

The Power of Collaboration

For Monica, the most common success factor that truly illustrate the posh difference is:

  • Collaboration– As a collective team, the team at posh media strongly believes in the power of collaboration and wanted to ensure it was rooted in their business model. The team works alongside their clients to accomplish a shared goal. “Our team will always choose collaboration over competition, our client’s journey is not about us – it’s about them,” opines Monica.

Authenticity: What Defines a Leader

Monica believes the greatest traits a leader can possess are loyalty, great communication skills, the ability to delegate, be humble, and sincere enthusiasm. These qualities give leaders the privilege to “influence” their team which leads to an open space where ideas are welcomed, not judged.

Authenticity promotes honesty and makes leaders “human”; easier to connect with. Monica states “Valuing your team’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions is extremely impactful and rewarding. I’d say my current leadership style is mostly Charismatic and Visionary – my main priority is to inspire my team to give each project their all. I paint a clear picture of the end goal and together we decide how to get there. My ability to help them focus and give 110{4d0f9b7d91d3ad7c7e05670dcb519aebee44963691040b40495353fec0d10483} has been the key to our success.”

Be Prepared for Upcoming Challenges

This past year has challenged everyone in more ways than one. The key is to plan ahead, but one should always be open to adapt his/her plan. The industry is very fast-paced nature, so the team at posh media prepares for multiple scenarios as regulations around covid-19 continues to evolve.

Monica illustrates “Our business structure has always encouraged a remote and flexible work environment, which allowed for a smooth virtual transition into expanding our team.” She further says, “We ensure our clients are well-informed on project status through multiple touch-points and continue to communicate and meet regularly via Zoom.”

Adopting Post Pandemic Changes

Monica describes the biggest challenge of her career as an entrepreneur has been to juggle business growth during a pandemic. Over the last year, the company had to triple its team of collaborators while pivoting all its clients marketing efforts to reflect the new #WFH reality. With an everchanging competitive landscape, it continues to adapt, and has reallocated its efforts and its client’s budgets towards digital and social media advertising. She thought “the reality is that your target audience is no longer driving by billboards on their way to work or listening to radio while dropping off the kids at basketball practice, they’re working from home listening to Spotify, staying informed through online news channels and creating TikToks with the kids.”

A Note for Emerging Leaders

Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ timing or until you have the ‘perfect’ plan in place, because it’ll never happen,” says Monica. She further adds, the founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman says it best: “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”The biggest lessons you can learn as an entrepreneur are from your own mistakes. And surrounding yourself with mentors or people you inspire to become is always rewarding.”

Helping to Grow Local Brands

My goal is to continue to establish thriving partnerships with local brands,” says Monica. She plans to continue to help as many small businesses as she can to achieve their full potential and posh their brand. They currently have partners throughout North America and want to grow beyond. Posh media’s goal is to set your direction, invent your presence and realize your potential.

The posh media team is in constant expansion. It is expanding its skillset and expertise by introducing new services and refining its current services. Monica asserts “My goal is to onboard industry leaders who goes beyond traditional ways of working and bring next level results to the table.”

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