Marc L. Goldberg

Question: People constantly say, “You have to be resilient in order to run a  sustainable small business.” What does that mean?

Answer: Resilience is the ability for a business to absorb stress and uncertainty, recover critical functionality and riseabove the chaos, and adapt its systems and processes to new circumstances. With a more dynamic and unpredictable business environment, resilience as a business value is almost mandatory. What was considered foundational in the past can no longer be counted on in the present and near future.

Organizations that adopt resiliency as a value have common characteristics:

Redundancy: Unexpected situations can be buffered by having redundant functions. Instead of having one main manufacturing or assembly location, having two or more avoids the shock of unexpected occurrences.

Diversity: Having an organization that employs people from different backgrounds and cognitive profiles fosters multiple ways of thinking, reacting and acting in rapidly changing environments.

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