Marketing outsourcing is a growing pattern in most firms. The talk on standardization and adaptation in marketing has sparked a debate for decades. Relationship again to Levitt (1983), who is one of the leading advocates of the standardization approach in marketing, many other researchers followed Levitt’s argument concerning the homogenization of shopper markets. Nevertheless, critics of this thesis argue, that just a just a few merchandise may be simply standardized in a global manner. Kotler (1984, p. sixty four) argues that national advertising cannot be simply prolonged to a global level as shopper behavior considerably varies depending on the nation. At this time, nearly every major company is pressured to compete in the global market. And international entrepreneurs need to navigate by means of numerous cultures that associate with unpredicted guidelines and differences. Corporations which can be taking their enterprise world and goal to successfully sell their services and products in international markets face many challenges. Essentially the most challenging resolution in this progress is the degree of standardization or adaptation in the agency’s operations. Many firms have understood the significance of worldwide actions. Markets that were restricted to the local market, just a few years ago, at the moment are dominated by world companies. The success of global corporations relies on the success of nationwide, which emerged from local companies businesses in the long run of the last century. This development shall also apply for most industry sectors that stand to the principles. These firms, which don’t comply with the challenges and probabilities of globalization, can be changed by extra dynamic businesses and can disappear from the market within the lengthy-run (cf. Keegan, et al. 2002, p. 18). Having a lack of information for absolutely the want of the fitting advertising and marketing approach, whether it’s standardization or adaptation, many multinational corporations faced expensive errors when trying to sell a product to a global viewers. The query of the overall advertising and marketing approach is essential for the corporate’s globalization technique and construction (cf. Kutschker, Schmid, 2011, p. 1009 ff.). This seminar paper evaluates the scale of standardized international advertising and local advertising for global corporations by starting with a short perception into globalization and world companies on the whole, adopted by an illustration of the global-native dilemma, that forces a choice on the selection between selling the identical product throughout all boundaries and the implementation of native advertising and marketing strategies as a way to respond to regional variations. The time period paper continues with an evidence of local and standardized global advertising, exemplified by the global gamers McDonald’s and Apple and concludes with a comparison of each approaches.