What is the best fried chicken sandwich? What’s the most effective productivity software or the cringiest email cliche? These are the questions that keep us up at night…and the questions the first inaugural Business Olympiad will endeavor to answer. 

Over the next two weeks, Morning Brew readers will have the opportunity to participate in a business competition unlike any other. 10 Events, 90 participants, and everything to play for, the Business Olympiad will bring the best in the biz world together to compete for a place on the podium.

How it works

We have created 10 events with nine participants in each. The first week—the Prelims—will narrow each event down to three finalists. The next week—the Finals—will determine who takes home the gold, silver, and bronze medal.

Who determines who “wins”? You, the readers. We’ll hold a series of polls on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. The three participants with the most votes when the polls close will advance past the Prelims to the Finals. Then, a second round of polls will be held to determine who stands atop the podium. 

How you can play: The first round of voting starts on Monday morning. 

The schedule 

  • Opening Ceremony: Friday, July 23
  • Prelims: Monday, July 26 – Friday, July 30
  • Finals: Monday, August 2 – Friday, August 6

For each round, the polls will be open between 9 am–5 pm ET. 

Previewing the field 

The Business Olympiad was created to reflect the all-encompassing nature of the business world. So, we made events that span from your individual WFH setup to long-term 10-year investment ideas.  

Here is a quick preview of each event to get you excited for the clash of capitalism that will go down over the next two weeks.  

Fried Chicken Sandwichnastics

Toby Howell

There are far too many chicken sandwiches to count these days. Chick-fil-A is the entrenched superstar, Popeyes is the popular upstart, but a host of challengers lay waiting in the wings. This battle of the breaded breasts will come down to the wire. 

Font Medley Relay

Font Medley Relay Leaderboard

Toby Howell

Even if you think you don’t have an opinion on the best fonts, you do. FYI Comic Sans qualified because of a drug testing mixup with Roboto. Could it make a cinderella run?  

WFH Flex Off

WFH Flex Off leaderboard

Toby Howell

There are plenty of ways to assert dominance through your WFH setups. The external microphone is the most in your face, but a coworker not-so-subtly dropping that they have a dual monitor setup is another strong contender. 

Grocer Ball

Grocer Ball leaderboard

Toby Howell

There are hundreds of grocery chains across the country, and each region thinks that theirs is the best. That sort of fractured field could lead to a national contender like Costco or Walmart nabbing a surprise victory. Or not.

Business Flameouts 

Business Flameouts leaderboard

Toby Howell

This event bravely asks the question: Who is the best at being the worst? These companies started off with lots of promise, but ultimately crashed and burned. Help us decide which one of these doomed business ideas sucked the most. 

Long Investment Jump

Long Investment Jump leaderboard

Toby Howell

This ain’t your parents’ investing landscape anymore. The favorite, bitcoin, is coming in injured. Fine Art has made a comeback in recent years, but all eyes are on the rookie, NFTs, to see how it performs in its first Olympiad.

Synchronized Businessing 

Synchronized Businessing leaderboard

Toby Howell

It’s hard to go at it alone in the business world. These pairs have made it through thick and thin together…and made a lot of money in the process. Will the Steves take it? Or maybe one of the two sister duos on the list? Either way, this event is double the fun.  

Fictional Business Freestyle

Fictional Business Freestyle leaderboard

Toby Howell

Movies give us laughs, cries, and megacorporations. But what are the most successful businesses that aren’t actually real? 

Work Softwarathon 

Work Softwarathon leaderboard

Toby Howell

This is by far the most organized event in the Olympiad, which makes it one of the more intriguing. Lots of mico-matchups to watch in this one, from the battle of the inboxes with Outlook and Gmail to the business communication faceoff between Slack and Teams.  

Email Jargon Judo

Email Jargon Judo leaderboard

Toby Howell

You know the words, you know the phrases. They might make your skin crawl, but only one email cliche can take home the gold. We hope this event finds you well.

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