The Ashland self-storage facility at 9991 Lickinghole Road has been sold to a Richmond attorney and his family. (Mike Platania photo)

After dabbling primarily in residential real estate in recent years, a downtown Richmond lawyer and his family have made a $3 million commercial play in Ashland.

Thomas Voekler

A group including married couple Thomas and Jill Voekler, and Thomas’ brother Chris recently acquired 9991 Lickinghole Road for $3.15 million.

The land houses eight buildings, six of which are the Leadbetter Mini-Max Storage and two of which are office flex space. The roughly 6-acre plot was most recently assessed by Hanover County at $2.9 million.

Thomas Voekler, a partner at Shockoe Slip-based law firm Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank, said the deal took place off-market.

“It was totally fortuitous. I’ve wanted to get into some commercial (land) and especially some self-storage,” Voekler said. “I was renting from (seller) Donna Leadbetter. They had a little flyer out, just seeing if anyone’s interested in buying the storage center. I just asked about it and we started the conversation.”

Following the sale, Voekler said the storage business will be rebranded to Ashland Office and Mini-Storage and will receive some security and website upgrades.

Included in the deal were a pair of buildings with office flex space. (Courtesy of Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank)

The Voeklers have been in the real estate business for years, owning mostly duplexes in Church Hill and Northside. In 2017, they bought a 54-unit apartment portfolio on Brookland Park Boulevard and North Avenue in another $3.1 million deal.

“We get offers all the time but we don’t plan to divest those,” Voekler said. “Like everybody we’re also in acquisition mode. But it’s hard to come by deals that make sense.”

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