What Are the Possible Consequences If I Have Been Charged With DWI?

A DWI attorney needs to understand the law around search and seizures as well as the back of his or her hand. A DWI lawyer should understand the significance of a DMV refusal hearing; he should understand how the rules in those hearings vary from typical court proceedings, and he should understand how to utilize the DMV Refusal Hearing to help secure a fair outcome for you in your criminal trial.

Experienced DWI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DWI violation, you should consult with an experienced houston tx dwi lawyer right away. While DWI penalties are serious, you deserve to be treated with fairness. You do not have to endure an abusive ruling by a court that refuses to provide you with the resources you need to mount an effective defense.

You are being charged with DWI, even though the arresting officer failed to administer the tests that would have excluded you from a DUI. The charges against you were then turned over to a DWI prosecutor who decided to pursue the charges based on the results of the breathalyzer tests you passed when you were arrested. An experienced DWI attorney can review these tests and provide you with the critical information you need to fight the charges against you. You mustn’t face a wrongful arrest and prosecution under the influence of a drunk driving conviction unless you have a strong and effective DWI attorney on your side fighting on your behalf.

Reputable DWI Lawyer

If you are being charged with DWI after a DWI accident in Houston, you should first contact a reputable DWI lawyer who will help you assess your case. In some cases, the person who has caused the accident may be prosecuted even though the driver at fault did not have a sufficient level of intoxication. If you are charged with DWI regardless of who caused the accident, you must consult with a skilled DWI attorney who can evaluate your situation and determine whether or not your charges are appropriate.

DWI charges are most often accompanied by severe traffic citations and other penalties such as loss of license and registration, fines, and other jail time. A skilled DWI lawyer can defend you against these additional criminal charges and help you work out favorable plea bargains with the prosecution. A good lawyer will gather all of the evidence necessary to prove that your arrest was unjustified and that the breathalyzer test results were inaccurate. This evidence can be presented in court, during a court appearance by the district attorney, or through plea negotiations with the prosecution.

DWI Conviction

A typical DWI conviction involves a mandatory two-year period of probation, mandatory alcohol classes, hefty fines, loss of license, and various other penalties. In many states, drivers are automatically suspended from a license upon completion of this probation period, while other states allow for immediate suspension. Regardless of the suspension or probationary license period, you may face, your DWI conviction can severely impact your ability to find employment. Even if you can complete the terms of your probation, you may still be subjected to additional punishment, such as additional DUI classes, fines, or vehicle immobilization.

As a result of these serious charges, many people elect to forgo a professional attorney and go through the criminal justice system themselves. While many lawyers are willing to work pro-Bono for indigent defendants, it’s not common for them to offer this type of free legal assistance. It’s also not common for DWI laws to be changed after an arrest, so it’s essential to choose a lawyer who knows how your state’s DWI laws work. You can effectively protect your rights and reduce the potential penalty by choosing the right lawyer.